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Water Vole Conservation Services


The Wildwood Trust has been reintroducing water voles in the UK for over 10 years. As a leading specialist in water vole captive breeding and reintroduction, we offer a dedicated consultancy service, providing expert guidance to a wide range of organisations including developers and ecological consultancies. Our services include:

The best way to determine the presence or absence of water voles is to complete a field sign survey. This entails searching the waterside banks looking for characteristic water vole signs such as latrines and feeding stations. Wildwood’s conservation staff are trained to complete field sign surveys, to determine the presence of voles and also provide a population estimate.

Water Vole Surveys

Water Vole Habitat Surveys

The first stage of planning a water vole reintroduction project is to complete a habitat suitability assessment, a service which is provided by the the Wildwood Trust conservation team. Skilled staff know exactly what to look for when considering a reintroduction and  can also offer advice on ways to improve the habitat for the benefit of water voles and other wetland wildlife.

Water Vole Captive Breeding and Re-introductions

At Wildwood we have the capacity to house up to 500 water voles. We have specially designed captive breeding enclosures to enable us to breed the exact number required for a release once a suitable reintroduction site has been identified.  We can assist with every aspect of a reintroduction from start to finish:


Translocation and Mitigation Support

Our experienced team are available to survey, capture and transport vole populations from development sites to our holding facility. All our enclosures, including our water vole quarantine area, are fully approved by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), ensuring that the animals are housed in a healthy, enriched environment until their release.

For  projects that require the population to be accommodated for an extended period, or where the number of voles captured is insufficient for a successful release, we can breed from the wild-caught animals to produce young for release. We can also supplement the release population with animals from other suitable bloodlines.

In line with IUCN requirements, all voles are health screened on arrival and departure by our wildlife vet to ensure that only fit, healthy animals are released and there is no risk of disease transfer to wild populations.

Other services that we offer include:



 If you require any of our water vole services, please contact us.

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